Daily Reads #85


Hi Readers and Happy Monday!

I had a pretty mental weekend and was on the move non-stop but I did manage to get in some reading and some reviews, don’t forget to check them out.

This week I hope to continue with my books from the weekend Reawakened and Unhooked. If I get the chance to I also am very keen to start reading World War Z by Max Brooks. I feel like everyone I know has read this book except me. I have seen the film but everyone says the book is so much better so I am particularly interested in reading it. Not to mention it is about zombies and from what I gathered looks at different people’s experiences during the zombie outbreak and how it affects them and where they are. A friend has told me that one account is of an astronaut on the International Space Station which has me really interested to see his perspective of looking down on Earth while all of this is going on.

World War Z

So I’m probably being completely unrealistic in wanting to read these three books including The Never-Ending Days of Being Dead which I am still reading at the minute. It’s just a bit of a mind explosion because it’s so scientific and I find myself reflecting on each chapter as I read it. Anyway I think I’m biting off more than I can chew but with so many good books I want to read this week I just can’t help it.

So have a good week readers!


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