Motivation for the Month


So this is a super late motivation for the month post but I stumbled upon two readathons happening this week and thought what a perfect way to start that summer TBR pile. So below are the two readathons which I hopefully will be taking part in over the next week so I can wrap up June and hit July with a reading bang.

I know I always used to love this time of the year when I was finishing up school or University because it was a time to stop worrying about exams or studying and just focus on relaxing and reading. Unfortunately these days I don’t get long summers with work being so busy this time of the year but I always like to make sure I get my evenings to lose myself in a good book.


Trees of Reverie

Trees of Reverie.jpg

This readathon takes place from 25th June to the 3rd of July giving a week to finish up any books this month or make the most of summer beginning.

This readathon has events, no set reading list and extra activities and challenges throughout the week to keep you going. With Goodreads and Facebook to also keep you motivated you can sign up by clicking the title or picture above.


Summer Witchy Readathon

Summer Witchy Readathon

This readathon runs roughly the same time as Trees of Reverie give or take a few days. Starting on the 26th of June to the 2nd of July it runs for a week too so even more motivation to show some love to those books gathering dust on the shelf.

However this readathon has a theme so all books must be ‘witchy’ loking at wicca, witchcraft, magic or supernatural and can be fiction or non-fiction. I’ already starting to think about books on my shelves that are about magic…

This readathon also has a  Twitter and Goodreads account so if you’re interested just click on the title or picture above to sign up.


The Well Read Pagan Challenge

The Well Read Pagan Challenge

 This readathon is also run by the Domestic Witch, the place as the readathon above. The Well Read Pagan Challenge includes books about witches, supernatural powers, beings and much much more. It also means certain books will count towards this challenge and the Summer Witchy Readathon. So why not double up and tackle both. The Well Read Pagan Challenge runs from 26th June to the 2nd July. Again the links to sign ups are in the picture or title.

 So I hope this helps you readers to tackle a few books on your TBR this month and even start next month’s pile too. I know I will try to take part in these challenges over the week and hopefully get through the pile of books I’m reading at the moment.

Keep on reading!


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