Daily Reads #86



Hello readers,

Apologies for the late post but I have been battling a monster migraine for the past two days and I can just now bear to look at the computer screen. It has also put me back in my reading and blogging. As we all know we are quickly reaching the end of June so I have a wrap-up post due up in the next few days along with some reviews so don’t forget to check back for them over the next week.

I have had a super busy weekend, we went on Saturday night to see Biffy Clyro at Belsonic who were hands-down amazing. I had such a great night and this weekend we will be venturing to Rathlin Island so it’s all fun and games for me these two weeks. I am hoping to do some reading whilst away at the weekend and of course I had visions of finding a lovely leafy green spot where I could sit in the sun and read…but I checked the weather and apparently we are due lots of rain. So maybe a nice spot inside by a window somewhere will do the same job.


Either way I will be finishing off some books this week. Unfortunately I never got round to starting World War Z by Max Brooks last week so I will be pushing that book into next month’s TBR. However I am hoping to finish off reading Unhooked by Lisa Maxwell this week so it will make it into my wrap up post. As usual there are lots to do and so little time to do it in, but it’s better to keep busy and keep going.


So have a great week readers and make the most of these last few days of June.



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