A Once Upon A Time Tale: Reawakened – Odette Beane


As a massive fan of Once Upon A Time, the TV show I just knew I would enjoy this. Reawakened tells the story of the first season of the TV show. It is practically identical to the show in every way, shape and form and despite watching the show religiously and even the entire last season, I really enjoyed this book. Yes I knew what was going to happen, I knew all of the characters backstories and although I know what’s in store for the plot I still really enjoyed the book.

Emma Swann a bounty hunter in New York is visited one day by a young boy claiming to be her son. Realising he has come a long way to be reunited with his birth mother, she takes him home to the town of Storybrooke. On the way he tells her that she is the saviour and that the town is under a curse as everyone there is actually from the Enchanted Forest and are characters from our favourite fairy tales. Such as Snow White, the Evil Queen, Jiminy Cricket and Red Riding Hood.

The plot for this is so intriguing and I was captured from the very beginning because of my love of fairy tale characters, Disney stories and so much more. It really interested me to see them in the everyday setting and I wondered how it would be portrayed. I was hooked from the very start when I watched the TV series but having it in book for made me love it even more.

I particularly love the flashbacks throughout the plot, as the characters make their way through daily life in Storybrooke, the reader is moving back and forth through their past lives in the Enchanted Forest and how they know the fellow residents in their other life. However in Storybrooke every character has forgotten their past and their friends and loved ones so they don’t necessarily remember their relationships or how they know each other.

Emma is a strong and independent character, the further into the book it’s noticeable that her strength is down to her protective nature of herself. She doesn’t rely on others and finds it hard to open up. She does settle into Storybrooke very quickly but doesn’t let her guard down even when it comes to Henry, her biological son.

I found the love triangle with Mary Margaret and David to be a little infuriating at times but this is something I even found tough onscreen. They seem to go back and forth and constantly hitting wall after wall, even though there is a good reason for it at times it felt like it was never going to end. As for Mr Gold, I am very excited to see his character expand in the novels as I know with the TV show his character becomes much more involved and developed. He is definitely one of my favourite characters in the TV show and I loved reading about him and his ventures in Storybrooke.

One downside to having already seen the TV show is imagining the characters as their actors throughout the plot, I could even hear them speaking in the exact tones as their actor. I would have loved to have stumbled upon this book before watching the series just to see if I imagined them differently or even to see how I would have imagined the plot unfolding. Either way I loved the book and adore the TV show and cannot wait for the next season to come on the big screen.

I may know what is ahead in the books but I really want to invest in them regardless. I love novels and having a plot I love be developed into a novel is an added bonus for me, even if it is the backwards way of doing things these days.

I gave Reawakened a 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads, it was a great book and if you haven’t heard of the TV show before or glanced at the book I would definitely recommend both of them. It is on Netflix here in the UK and if you are a fan of fairy tales, Disney movies or folklore you should give it a go, just keep in mind before making the commitment that there are six seasons currently available. If you are anything like me it could turn into a serious case of binge watching so stalk up on your favourite foods, book a few days off work and settle down for an adventure.


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