Weekend Reads #78



I am so happy to see Friday come around because we are nearly finished with this week. I am working this Saturday which isn’t so great in the grand scheme of things but at least I have Sunday to rest and read which is exactly what I need. For the past four weekends I have been busy and run off my feet having fun and enjoying a bit of time off work but now that I am ‘back to porridge’ as it’s said I am just looking forward to having a day doing nothing. So roll on Sunday.

If you have seen my July TBR post that went up this week you will see that not only do I deserve a day in the house I need it! I have set myself a huge July TBR to tackle down to the fact that I am so indecisive and far too excited about all of these books that I find it hard to pace myself. If only I could read more than one at once…but in the event that no-one is going to event a way to do this I am stuck with the old fashioned way of reading one book at a time.

When Hitler stole Pink Rabbit

This weekend I am hoping to finish up reading When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit by Judith Kerr. I started this book a few days ago and I just love it, it really shows the innocence of a child and how Nazi Germany and Hitler’s rule is seen through a child’s vision. Judith Kerr really put’s into perspective the first-hand experience of what it was like to live it that time and how it affected a child of ten years old who doesn’t fully understand the situation but comes to deal with it through having to move across borders and not being allowed to play with someone because of their religion. It’s such a sweet and addictive read that I hate having to put it down to go to sleep.


I also want to get started with reading Nika by D.H. Gibbs which is a book I received for free on my kindle. I’m not entirely sure what it is about but I know that it is a book surrounding powers so possibly a magic and fantasy novel which I always enjoy reading.

So I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and keep on reading!




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