Nika – D.H.Gibbs


I received this book for free on Kindle in exchange for an honest review. I always have my hesitations when receiving a free book because I never know what to expect but I can honestly say this book surprised me and in a good way.

Nika is a ‘young’ girl who is kidnapped by what she believes is human traffickers; little does she know that her kidnappers are actually protecting her as she is the lost leader of their people. Nika has always known that she was different and that she possessed special powers of sorts but little did she know that there were people in the world capable of similar things. It isn’t long before the fate of a society is on her back and she is forced to make a difficult decision.

This book has an element of fantasy but despite the powers, the characters are likeable, relatable and honest. I particularly like Nika who came across like an ordinary independent and strong girl in her twenties, she was like someone you would meet in today’s society, she is fiery and has attitude. I just found her to be a strong representation of a young woman today, not afraid to speak out and stand her ground. She shocks the people in the grand house with her take on freedom and her rights to do and say as she pleases and I really enjoyed reading about her character. It’s so difficult to find a character in a fantasy styled setting who still embodies a modern female. She doesn’t succumb to the customs, or adjust her personality, she doesn’t have a traditional view on things but she moulds into their way of life and equally they accept her as she is.

It was also a refreshing read to have a male character that has the potential of being a love interest yet it isn’t the main focus in the novel. The plot stays focused on Nika and her story as she tries to regain power and reign. She also meets a male family member and I enjoyed watching their relationship grow throughout the plot and follow her as she made a friend in her cousin.

The plot itself is a very quick read, I managed to read this book in one sitting, however the chapters roll into one-another. They are short, easy to read and the pace matches the speed of the plot as it unfolds. This book is very quick, there are no long descriptions, no dragged out sections and it very much to the point as it sprints in the direction it is headed.

I gave this book a 5 out of 5 stars because I really did enjoy the story, the characters and the speed was enjoyable. It was nice to have the short and fast-paced plot and be able to sit down and read the entire book in one sitting. The only issue I had was that there were a few spelling and grammar mistakes throughout which is a common trait in free kindle books and something I have noticed on many occasions. However I wouldn’t let this hold you back from enjoying this book, definitely check it out.




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