Daily Reads #88


Back to the start of the week and here we go again. I was meant to upload this post yesterday but I have been so busy with summer and wedding plans. We’re down to four months until the day and there’s so much planning and confirming and organising to do, I’m just getting phone calls and emails all round. So I am looking forward to getting some down time and continuing my books.

I started The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown last week and I am so hooked, I can’t stop reading this book and I haven’t had a chance to fully binge-read it. I saw the movie a long time ago and although I sort of know what is going to happen I can’t put the book down. The writing is gripping and the plot is fast paced and exciting. I realised I hadn’t even left the Louvre and I was already over 200 pages into the plot.

Da VInci

I also started reading World War Z and I am really enjoying it, I like how it jumps from different areas of the world and to different people, how they were involved in the infection and how it affected them. It’s a nice read and one that can be read in bursts because of the layout. It does lack that connection to a protagonist as it jumps to different people but there’s always the interviewer who is a constant in each chapter.

World War Z

This week if I get the chance I want to start The Secret of Heaven by Felix Alexander, I was given this book for free and I am really looking forward to starting it. The blurb reminds me of a ‘da vinci code’ style of plot full of mystery and intrigue which is exactly what I’m craving because of The Da Vinci Code.

The Secret of Heaven

Well I hope you all have a brilliant week and keep on reading, we’re now half-way through the month and I still have plenty of books on this month’s TBR that I need to get started.

Happy Reading!


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