Daily Reads #89


Hello Readers!

I have had the busiest weekend ever and I’m only just getting the time now to upload this post. I have also been suffering a bad migraine from Thursday and haven’t been able to so much other than go to bed after work and lie in the dark so it’s nice to finally get typing again.

This is the final week in the month of July so I’m hoping to make the most of it and finish up the books that I am currently reading. I finished The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown a few days ago and it was just amazing. The end of the book is different from the movie and I much preferred the book ending to the movie ending although it seems to make the same point.Safe to say as soon as I finished The Da Vinci Code all I wanted to do was read Angels and Demons so I managed to pick up a copy at the weekend which I am hoping to start over the next few days.

Angels and Demons

I am still reading World War Z by Max Brooks, The Secret of Heaven by Felix Alexander, The Never-Ending Days of Being Dead by Marcus Chown and Unhooked by Lisa Maxwell. So I’m thinking I should finish these books off before starting any more. I just get too excited and want to read them all at once but I am setting myself a personal challenge and hoping to have these books finished by the end of my Monthly Wrap Up for July.

With that said I need to go and get stuck into my books, so keep on reading and remember we’re only a few days off the end of the month.


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