World War Z – Max Brooks

World War Z

I felt like the only person in the world that hadn’t read this book. Friends in work had read it, family members had read it and even my personal trainer at the gym had read this book…I needed to read it. Luckily a friend was able to lend it to me and I was ready to walk the beaten track.

World War Z is a book of accounts from around the world during the great panic. Outbreaks started in Asia and it wasn’t long before they spread across the world, the dead were rising and attacking the living. This is an interesting look at how the world reacted to such circumstances; it is well-researched and covers every inch of the world and even space. I found the details to be accurate and well thought-through for each country and their abilities, may it be military or more.

However as much as I thought the book was well written, I can’t help but admit I found it a tad tough in places to get through. The plot was laid out in different passages, each one set in a different country and centred on a different character. Some of the stories I found interesting such as a military attack set in New York City or a passage detailed by an astronaut on the International Space Station during the great panic. These ones were well written and intriguing but some of the others I felt dragged on a bit and were hard to get through.

I did find the different passages highlighted how countries dealt with the issue and showed how people handled the incident in their own way. Many people suffered trauma and PTSD after the ordeal. It was obvious why, since many of the accounts came from people in the armed forces, those who lost family members or those who witnessed first-hand the devastation.

The book is definitely different from the movie, it has some of the accounts and their settings but there are many differences. In the movie Brad Pitt is the main character, but the book doesn’t really have a predominant character with exceptions to the narrator at the beginning. One huge difference is that the zombies in the books are slow walkers and not runners like the terrifying examples in the movie. Honestly the movie was very loosely based on the book and I think using the same title is misleading to those loyal readers who expected a closer development to the big screen.

I did enjoy reading this book and I am glad I finally got round to reading it but with the separate accounts I found it hard to care for the characters, I found it easy to set the books down. This book lacked the suspense and addiction I crave in plots. I gave World War Z a 3 out of 5 stars on goodreads, however after reading this I want to read another zombie genre book so any recommendations are welcome.



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