Birthday Book Haul


Hi Readers,

I thought I would put up a little post about my humongous birthday book haul, this week I turned 25 and my fiancé decided that for my birthday he would take me to one of my favourite second hand bookstores and buy me lots of books. I, of course being a book addict had no problem with this present as I haven’t been book shopping in so long and have a huge wish list of 350 books that just keeps getting bigger. If you’re ever in Northern Ireland I highly recommend Bookends Bookstore, I have been going there from I was a teenager and have never been let down.

I couldn’t believe the books that I managed to get and so many of them were in perfect condition, I’m pretty sure most of them are brand new and have never been read. As many of you will know this past month I have been a tad obsessed with Dan Brown so I was immediately on the lookout for more of his books and I was able to get Deception Point and Digital Fortress.

I also managed to get my hands on a pristine copy of Stephen King’s 11/22/63 which I have been dying to read for a long time. I spotted a beautiful hardback edition of Doctor Sleep, the follow up novel to The Shining which I have been looking forward to reading even if I have to wait until someone else is in the house.

I asked the shop assistant as well about Neil Gaiman and he said his books rarely come in because he is so popular but the only book he had and that I was able to buy was American Gods which I was chuffed about because it’s one I don’t already have but have heard so much about.


All together I walked away with 28 books, all that I was able to buy for £2 or £3 and I even got a few for free because there was an offer on paperbacks. I could have spent all day in that shop and searched the shelves from top to bottom to see what they had but eventually I had to stop.

Many of the books I have picked up because I had seen them reviewed on different sites and blogs so if you have read any of them leave a comment and let me know what you thought. I’m excited to get started on my new books and already I’ve had to add them to the shelves. I’m looking forward to what you readers say and recommend.

Happy Reading!


2 thoughts on “Birthday Book Haul

    • mrsmamfa says:

      Absolutely!! 😆 I tend to go a bit mad in a second hand bookstore because they’re always a good price and if you find the ones your after why not! Haha plus when it’s your birthday you’re allowed to! 😉

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