Weekend Reads #80


It’s Friday people, time for the weekend to start and I cannot wait. Tomorrow I have a dress fitting for the wedding and I am so excited, it is 10 weeks exactly until the big day and I can’t believe how quickly it has flown in. Everything is speeding by and I’m trying to keep up!


I will be spending this week starting a new book and I am a little indecisive over which one to read next, either way I’ll probably pick up the other one in a few days due to sheer impatience anyway. So over the weekend I am hoping to start Digital Fortress by Dan Brown. I am really looking forward to this read, as many of you will know I am very slowly becoming a massive fan of Dan Brown and his work. I am especially intrigued to read this book because the main character is not Robert Langdon and as much as I will miss him on this adventure I am looking forward to meeting a new character. I don’t know a lot about this book other than the main character is an intelligent female who cracks a code sending the National Security Agency into a panic.

I just know this book is going to hook me so I am hoping to start it on Saturday night so I have all day Sunday to get lost in its plot. So I hope everyone has a great weekend and keep on reading!


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