Scarlet – Marissa Meyer


Scarlet is the perfect carry on novel from Cinder and I found it very hard to put down. Capturing from page one when we are introduced to a feisty young girl who’s grandmother has been missing for over two weeks. Scarlet is scared for her grandmother’s life as she knows this isn’t something her grandmother would do yet nobody believes her so it is up to her to find her. Whilst trying to keep the farm running and solve the mystery, Scarlet meets someone that could help her and bring her to her grandmother.

This plot was gripping and the pace picked up in less than 100 pages. The chapters also jump between Scarlet and Cinder as we carry on her story from the first book. It was refreshing to see Cinder still playing a big part in the plot and seeing how her character has developed from the first chapter in the first book. She is noticeably stronger and more confident as she starts to see where she fits into the societal norms of this new world. Despite Cinder discovering her identity throughout the first book she has another identity crisis in this book as a big mystery unravels around her.

For Scarlet she is brought into a world, unthinkable outside of her farm life with her grandmother. Before this she had a pretty normal and enjoyable life working for and with her grandmother. All of that changes the minute her grandmother is kidnapped and she is forced to face a moment from her childhood that makes her grandmothers past seem less innocent than she thought. I thoroughly enjoyed this modern twist on the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale, because it takes an old story that has been passed on throughout the years and has changed to suit the times and here we see it happening again.

The characters that come into this plot are intriguing and full of surprises, for example Cinder meets someone very early on in the book who I was very wary of at the start and grew to love. I am very excited to see his character develop in the next book. Scarlet also meets someone called Wolf who is very mysterious and interesting from his first appearance. As the plot continues and Scarlet learns more about him I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to read more about him. He really is a mystery for most of the plot but it added to the suspense in the story because you didn’t quite know whether he was trustworthy or not.

This series gives old fairy tales a new life and reinvents the characters to fit into societal norms. Although the plot develops in a new world and new set of people and technologies we are seeing modern ideas. It’s not unusual to see strong female characters, magic abilities and technology pushing the limits which makes this a great series to pick up and get lost in. I gave Scarlet a 5 out of 5 stars and I cannot wait to continue this plot in the next book Cress. I know this book blew up the internet when it was released; it was all over Tumblr, Instagram and Booktube so I expect great things from it. To be completely honest I think it is going to be great and introduce yet another female character that will be strong and confident, I am really struggling to finish my other reads before picking this one up.



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