Weekend Reads #81


Happy Friday Readers, this week has flown by so quickly, it feels like only yesterday I was writing the Weekend Reads for last week, it’s hard to believe how quickly time is going. This week in particular it has started to feel like Autumn, some days this week I’ve wondered if we skipped Autumn and went straight to Winter it’s been so cold. If I’m honest I secretly love it, there is nothing more perfect than the rain hitting the window, the cold weather and dark evenings. This is my favourite time to light a few candles and make the evening my own by reading my books, sipping warm cups of tea and putting a warm blanket over my knees for my cat to curl up with me. I find comfort in the small things and a change in the weather this week has secretly put a smile on my face; Autumn and Winter are my favourite times of the year.

Due to the prime reading conditions this week I have been flying through some of my books and I will hopefully have a few more reviews up in the coming days. This weekend I want to tackle a book that wasn’t on my TBR for this month but it has been jumping out at me from the shelves and it’s a story I have wanted to finish for a long time. I want to read the second part of Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. I really enjoyed the first part of that book and I want to delve back into it. I’m hoping to read it all at the weekend whilst finishing off some of my other reads and writing reviews so no doubt it will be a full weekend.


Well I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, I am looking for some new graphic novels to read so if you have any recommendations please leave them in the comments. I really enjoyed French Milk, Persepolis and Maus; the style of graphic novel that is contained in one or two books because I love The Walking Dead and Saga yet I find it hard sometimes to pick up the volumes. I can read one in a sitting so I tend to buy them in bundles which is draining my bank account; not so great with a wedding in a few weeks. So any recommendations would be much appreciated!

Happy Reading!



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