Daily Reads #97


Welcome back readers, normally I try and upload my daily reads post on a Monday but I had a very busy weekend and a very busy Monday. Yesterday marked the end of an era, the group I volunteer with ended after existing for over 30 years. It ran purely on the support of volunteers and when we ran out of committed helpers we had no option other than to end the club. It didn’t seem real until the end of last night when people looked around at each other and wondered if they would see each other again, great friendships were made and it was hard to say goodbye to everyone. I was only part of it for 5 years but I’m glad that in that short time I helped to make a difference and participate in a truly rewarding service.

Due to last night feeling like the end of something I am starting my week off today, a new and fresh start. I am finding it hard to believe that the end of the month is looming, so I am making a point of catching up on my reading and starting one final book in October. I want to read this book as soon as possible and especially before the movie is released. infernoOver the past few months I have become a massive fan of Dan Brown and hope to read most of his books before the end of the year. This month marks the release of the movie-adaptation of Inferno, and all I know about it is the play on Dante’s Inferno. Therefore I want to make sure I know as much about this book before I see lots of information about it popping up over the internet. I am very excited to start this book however I want to make sure I finish reading Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress first.

I am reading quite a lot of books which is no surprise as I tend to get excited about starting a particular book and can’t wait to finish another before picking it up. Over the next few days I will be trying to finish up a few books as well as reviewing them so keep checking back.

Happy Reading!



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