Reading Goals 2017


Happy New Year Readers!

I am so excited for a new year and new prospects. I know some people like to set New Year’s resolutions and goals and have an entire new start but I like to look at the New Year as a new chapter and new timeline to create some amazing memories.

Last year was an exciting one for me as I got married and had all the amazing moments that go along with it like my hen/bachelorette party, the wedding and the honeymoon, so I think 2016 will always be defined as the year I got married. So now that it is 2017 we can start this year with our future and some new and exciting adventures.

A new year is always a turning point in the reading world as it’s a chance to set new goals; how many books will I read this year, different categories to read from, different book lengths to pick up, different formats to read from and of course the good old book buying bans because our TBR’s are piling up so quickly. This year I have a few reading goals and then I’ve learned from previous years the ones I never make and shamefully forget about…so first how did I do last year.

Well January 2016 I set no reading goals except for the goodreads reading challenge which I just about managed to finish. In my defence planning a wedding is tough and takes a lot of time so I purposely set a low reading challenge goal of 50 books and managed to read 53. To try and challenge myself this year, (because for it to be a challenge it has to be hard) I have picked a total of 80 books to read. So far I have never read this amount of books so I am hoping to really push myself this year with a mixture of audio, print and eBooks.

I don’t have many other challenges to add for this year because I want the main focus to be reading and getting through my TBR. I have some personal one’s but without figures like not buying as many books this year which I did well with last year as I think getting books for birthday presents and Christmas helped with that though. I also want to make a point of blogging more, with the wedding planning last year I sometimes found it hard getting time to write and dedicate to the blog, this year I want to prioritise it. Finally I want to decrease my TBR piles on my bookshelves which in theory should be easy to do given the not buying books challenge, however my shelves always seem full and my wish list gets bigger.

Well I hope you are enjoying your 2017 reading so far, I’m still finding it hard to believe how quickly it has come around. It’s easy to write this Reading Challenges post while I’m motivated and ready to take on the year so let’s just hope it lasts!

Happy Reading!



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