Across the Universe – Beth Revis


Across the Universe was one of my holiday picks and I couldn’t wait to get into it. I picked this book up a long time ago and it has been gathering dust on my bookshelf since then.  When I was picking my holiday TBR I spotted it and decided it was finally time to read it. The plot of this book looks at a spaceship of people travelling to a new potentially habitable planet in the nearest star system to our own. However for them to make the journey some people have to be cryogenically frozen. The people frozen are intelligent and selectively picked to help start and maintain civilisation on the new planet but when someone on the ship starts melting individuals of those frozen it starts to cause problems.

Amy is woken up and brought into a new and very different world from the one she remembers. Her awakening was a mistake and it doesn’t take long to realise someone was trying to kill her. Amy worries because she was lucky being awoken when she did, someone was there to help her but if someone tried to wake her parents it certainly wouldn’t end well. Amy needs to work out who is trying to kill the frozen passengers whilst also keeping herself out of danger in her new surroundings.

I loved this book; it was futuristic and thought-provoking as it challenged new and possible technologies. It questioned whether leaving behind civilisation to explore and colonise a new world would be doable. The passengers in this setting faced many issues and not just technologically but psychologically too. Everyone is confined to one capsule as it travels to the new world and on their way their life is drastically changed with new leadership and laws to follow. It was intriguing to see how those in power dealt with individuals who didn’t comply with the ways and also how daily life had developed to compensate for the living conditions.

I found this book easy to read, the plot flowed quickly and was told from two perspectives; that of Amy’s and Elder. Amy is awoken from a long sleep and is interesting to see her perspective on the new living conditions and power arrangement. It juxtaposes the narrative of Elder who was born into life on the ship and knows no different, as he sees Amy’s differences and listens to her descriptions of Earth he starts to question what he knows and has been taught. This made the narrative interesting and addictive as the storyline unfolds from two contrasting characters.

I know this book is a series so I am looking forward to picking up the next book and continuing the story. I have a few theories myself with what might happen so I am intrigued to see what direction the plot goes in. There have also been suggestions that the new movie ‘Passengers ‘ is based on this book as it looks at the same idea, travelling to a new planet and people cryogenically frozen to make the journey. I really want to see this movie as it seems like something I’d definitely like and I’m curious to see if there are any similarities.

I gave this book a 5 out of 5 stars on goodreads as it was a very good, well-constructed and easy to read book. I know this book has been read by many people in the book-tubing and reviewing world but if you haven’t already checked it out I would recommend you do so.


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