Daily Reads #101


Happy Monday Readers,

Luckily I am off the next few days, so I am hoping to spend it completely with my books, with the exception of a few appointments I have. It’s such a nice feeling to wake up on a Monday morning and not be heading to work but instead deciding what to do with your day, what world to get lost in and trust me there is plenty to choose from.


Currently I am reading 4 books and listening to an audiobook so I am hoping to finish up these books this week. However I also want to start another book this week that has become available from the library. I had a hold on Bruce Springsteen’s biography Born To Run and it became available over the weekend. Now I’m not a massive Springsteen fan and I don’t know much about him but I am convinced his biography will be a great read.


Apart from starting Born to Run, I also want to read Fairest of All by Serena Valentino, another Disney book. After reading The Beast Within which focused on the beast from Beauty and the Beast I was determined to read the other books in the collection. Fairest of All came in the post last week and I have been waiting for an afternoon or evening to sit down and read it in one go. A friend of mine has told me it is an amazing read and I am very excited. I am a big fan of the Evil Queen and she is even one of my favourite characters in the TV show Once Upon A Time. I cannot wait to read her backstory and see what direction they have gone in.

Well I hope you all have a great week and keep on reading.


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