Beauty Queens – Libba Bray


This was my first audiobook of the year and a book I had spotted on goodreads, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from it as I’d seen a few comments about it but I decided to settle down, read it and make up my own opinion. I have to say, I loved it; it is by far the craziest, funniest, wildest book I may have ever read. I had no idea what was going to happen because there were surprises coming left, right and centre.

Beauty Queens follows the lives of contestants from the Miss Teen Dream competition after they are involved in a plane crash on a tropical island. The island is deserted and they are forced to work together to survive until they can be rescued. The Beauty Queens feed into the stereotype of ditzy and beautiful blonds, whilst the group is also infiltrated with smart, practical, musical and strong girls. Their mix of different personalities and abilities gives the book a varied plot and leaves the reader wondering what is coming next.

Not only are there differing personalities but this book has characters with disabilities and LGBQT characters as well. There really is something for everyone giving a broad range of possibilities and an expansive read. I loved the various characters and the inclusiveness of different genders, cultures, colours and disabilities. 

This is easily a quick book to get through depending on your preferred reading format. I chose audiobook and I was not disappointed. The girls were all given a voice to suit their personality and the narrator made the plot a smooth transition. It was fun listening to the portrayal of the girls and it came to a point where I knew the characters based on their audiobook voices.

To say this book is funny is an understatement; I actually burst out laughing listening to it which is all well and good when you’re in the car, not so good when you’re walking in public. The girls are hilarious with their actions and with what they say. Probably my favourite character in the whole book was Tiara who wasn’t very smart but very sweet and as the book went on she learned more. As the girls started to appreciate each other’s abilities, support each other and work together the reader started to learn more about each individual girl. From this I started to like more of the characters because they all contributed something different to the plot.

Libba Bray was able to write a funny, quick paced and well-constructed novel and because of this I would like to read more of her books. I found this book very easy to read with something happening on every page. It was very well laid out and the plot flowed from one chapter to the next, I didn’t find myself getting bored at any points.

Beauty Queens scored a solid 5 out of 5 stars on goodreads and I would recommend readers to check it out. It seems like the perfect beach or summer read if you like something light-hearted for the warm weather. I would love for this book to be turned into a movie because I can only imagine how funny it would be on the big-screen.




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