Daily Reads #102


Happy Monday Readers!

I have had such an early start this morning for work that an infinite amount of coffee wouldn’t even fix this. All I am looking forward to right now is walking through my front door, climbing the stairs and crawling into bed. With such a busy weekend and an overly early start I think I just need to sleep for a week.

Keeping in line with wanting to stay motivated this month, this week I want to start reading The Passenger by Lisa Lutz. Originally I had thought the movie ‘Passengers’ was based on a book of the same name but now I know the closest book comparison is Across the Universe. However now that I have read the blurb for this book I actually still want to read it so I’m hoping to cram it before it needs returned to the library.

The Passenger.jpg

The Passenger is about a woman who changes her identity to escape her past and that is about as much as I know about this book. I’m intrigued to see what she is running from and why so I am looking forward to starting this book. There are too many books and the movie with this name as I was greatly confused, for a while I even thought this book was the Alexandra Bracken novel, another on my wish list so I think the least I can do is give this book a go.

Well readers enjoy the week ahead; I’m off for another coffee to try and wake up!


5 thoughts on “Daily Reads #102

  1. parisqueen13 says:

    Have you read Across the Universe yet? If not do you think you will read it.
    To me it looks like ‘Passengers’ the movie is loosely based off of that book (I have already read it) but I have no idea if that is true or not.

    • mrsmamfa says:

      Yes I read Across the Universe last month and really enjoyed it. I haven’t seen the Passengers movie yet but I know the premise of the story and it does seem loosely based on the book but there are no sources saying so for definite, it’s a bit strange. Have you seen the movie? Is it any good?

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