Shiver – Maggie Stiefvater


If you have read my review on The Raven Boys you will know that the world’s forces have aligned to make sure I read books by Maggie Steifvater. Basically what it comes down to is that I have been seeing her name and books everywhere and eventually I had to give in. After reading The Raven Boys it was a no- brainer I had to read another of her novels so I picked up Shiver.

All of her life Grace has watched the wolves, she knows the time of year to expect them and what they look like down to their individual detail. In particular she knows her wolf, his white fur and yellow eyes. When an incident in town provokes a hunt to take down the wolves Grace fights to stop it. It isn’t long before she meets a boy with strikingly similar eyes to her wolves; in her gut she knows it is him. Sam who has transformed from a wolf to a human after being injured must fight to stay in his human form if he wants to stay with Grace but with the cold winter approaching the struggle is becoming too much.

I know this book doesn’t have as good ratings as The Raven Cycle but I can’t help it I really enjoyed it. This book gave me a lot of twilight vibes and in a good way, the girl falls for the transforming boy and their struggle to maintain their relationship. Maggie Stiefvater did not disappoint with this book, her addictive writing had me entranced, her complex characters kept me entertained and the entire backstory had me intrigued; I loved it.

Grace is such a mysterious character and despite reading the entire book I can’t help but wonder if I truly know her character’s full potential. I know this story continues so I am curious to see if she will develop more. In saying this I didn’t expect her to be as strong as she was and there were times in the book when she surprised me. I really liked Sam’s character as he was stuck in a dilemma between the human world and the wolf world he had known for many years. I liked his story, his struggle and how he had experienced the human world and the wild. Despite his age he came across as a much older and sensible character. I did however find it a little strange that Grace had a love interest for a wolf which becomes quite clear in the novel and even before she knew the wolf could transform…strange but once you get past it the story itself is very good.

This book is very well written in that it is easy to read, strong and descriptive. The plot is told from the perspective of Grace and Sam jumping between both of their voices. At first I wished it was just told by Grace but as Sam’s character started to play a more prominent part in the plot I enjoyed reading his side of events. From him it was intriguing to see where the wolves went when they were human, how they lived and who they were.

First and foremost this is predominantly a romance novel; I think many readers went into this book thinking it would be mostly about the paranormal theme. The main focus is Grace and Sam’s relationship, how it develops and how they will overcome Sam’s change back to a wolf. Many characters play a part in this novel but they are all in the background, to be honest Grace may as well not have parents because they are never there and give her freedom to the point of verging on neglect. She is very independent from it and spends most of her time with her friends and Sam once he walks in the human world.

If you are into your paranormal romances give this book a go, I really liked it and will definitely be reading the rest in the series. I gave it a 3 out of 5 on goodreads but what it lacked was made up in the quality writing and characters.


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