The Stonehenge Legacy – Sam Christer


After being recommended to me for over a year now I decided to finally read this book. I took it on my honeymoon for a lazy day by the pool and started it there but just could not get into it; I don’t think it was a poolside read for me. When I got home I read a bit more and finally I sat down determined to dedicate some time to it.

The plot for this book was very interesting, all about Stonehenge and an old cult that continues to keep up with the belief that the stones have powers that need topped up with regular human sacrifices. It’s a creepy and mysterious plot that makes you want to avoid Stonehenge for a period of time, in other words I won’t be visiting it anytime soon and especially not on a solstice.

Gideon doesn’t have a good relationship with his father and is informed that his father has committed suicide early in the book. He is forced to come home and face the rocky relationship they shared. Soon into the novel it becomes clear that his father’s death had a purpose and Gideon is now in trouble. He is forced to try and figure out who is after him and why is father thought his only escape was through death.

While I was reading the book I realised at a point that I didn’t really feel anything towards the characters. This book is overflowing with characters and some of them even have code names which make it a little complicated in distinguishing between who each person is. Although Gideon dominated the plot, it also jumps between members of the cult, the police, a wealthy couple and more who all tie together nicely yet get muddled as the plot develops.

I did get lost in some places because of the bad grammar which really frustrated me and I couldn’t help but wonder when the next case of it would appear. One spelling mistake can be overlooked but sentence formations and terminology as well were driving me up the walls. I thought most books were proofread before publishing so I was a little shocked that this had so many instances of bad grammar.  

The overall plot regarding Stonehenge and pagan rituals was highly intriguing however some aspects of pagan beliefs and ceremonies were excluded or left out from the plot. I don’t know if this was intentional by the author because he had too much detail already, not to mention some strange geographical descriptions and name dropping throughout.

 One final part bugged me about this book and it’s that I don’t fully understand what happened at the end? I feel like there were so many questions left unanswered as some phrases were said throughout the plot that were just never addressed and needed a further explanation. The book carries a sticker comparing it to the writing of Dan Brown and if you’ve visited my blog before you’ll know I’m a fan. I have to be honest though I don’t think Sam Christer is quite there yet but he does have the groundwork to create a good mystery. I gave this book a 3 out of 5 stars on goodreads which for me reflects the plot and the complicated ideas in the book, it did get downgraded though for its lack of fluidity, confusing aspect and the bad grammar that sent my brain into overdrive.



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