Poor Unfortunate Soul – Serena Valentino


The Little Mermaid is a movie I haven’t seen since I was a child and yet Ursula is still ever-present in my mind and belting out Poor Unfortunate Souls.  This book looks at Ursula’s backstory and how she became the evil sea witch that rarely showed mercy to another living soul. As a young child Ursula was always terrifying, I found her to be one of the scariest Disney villains alongside Cruella De Ville in the seen when she takes off in the car.

Ursula is a young child that has been adopted by a human who becomes her father. She is unaware that she is a descendent of royalty and an undersea princess until she starts to experience changes and develops tentacles. When people turn against her and her father suffers she is made angry and vengeful.

I think this may easily be my favourite book so far in the Disney series and I am so excited to see what comes out next. There were hints as to which book would come next and if my predictions are right the next book will be amazing and potentially better than this.

One aspect I love about this plot was how it referred to the two previous books, Fairest of All about Snow White’s Evil Queen and The Beast Within about the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. It intertwined the previous stories and set a time period for them so we know they happened previously before Ursula’s downfall.

Valentino tells a story beautifully as characters blend from one book to the next so readers can recognise them again whilst also referring to other well-known Disney villains and heroes. The plot is fast-paced and overall the book is easy to read in one-sitting being no more than 250 pages. It’s a fast paced story and hard to put down once started.

I gave this book a 5 out of 5 stars on goodreads as it more than deserved it. I cannot wait for the next instalments to come out.  I hadn’t realised that Selena Valentino had written more fantastical and magical outside of the Disney series so I’m very tempted to look up more of her work.


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