My Favourite Bookish Platforms : Podcasts

If you are like me then books are life, I make up the majority of my free time reading, writing, listening about books, reading about books, watching book to movie adaptations; basically I’m addicted. However I know there are people like me out there so if you like your book news across all platforms here are some of my favourites. I want to concentrate on my favourite bookish podcasts that I would binge on my way to work and back every day. If I’m not listening to an audiobook for my hour and a half round trip I would be working out my next book-buy thanks to the following podcasts;


Beaks and Geeks

Beaks and Geeks.png

I am a big fan of Penguin books and always have been from I was a child. I can remember my collection of Penguin children’s books and I can’t help but be drawn to that adorable and memorable trademark. Beaks and Geeks is a production of Penguin Random House and each week the presenters talk to an author about their new and upcoming work. I really enjoy the way this podcast is produced and the questions asked to each author. Each episode can last from 10 minutes to 50 minutes depending on what the episode is about or who it features. I enjoy the uncertainty in timings and the casual element.



Drunk Booksellers

Drunk Booksellers.PNG

I think the title of this podcast is self-explanatory but what I want to express is just how amazing it is. Yes it does feature two booksellers that have a few drinks throughout their podcast, however not just any alcoholic beverage. Usually it’s the suggestion of the author, bookseller or guest and I have to say not only do I walk away with a few book recommendations but also some drink suggestions too. It is humorous and grounded bringing a relatable and personal touch to the episodes. A new episode becomes available each month and usually lasts around an hour.


MashReads Podcast


Everybody has heard of Mashable the website; well this is the book version. According to the introduction, colleagues in the Mashable workplace realised they shared a love of reading and books and therefore decided to share their thoughts on a book podcast. It was there that MashReads was born and I became addicted. I really like the presenters of this podcast, they’re funny, whitty and don’t always agree with each other’s thoughts giving it that realistic element. Each episode is released weekly and lasts around 45 minutes to one hour.



All the Books!

All The Books.png

I LOVE IT, no other words are necessary but let me give you a description anyway. Two hilarious female presenters, one works for Book Riot and the entire podcast feels like you are witness to two friends catching up. The podcast feels real, they are honest and I feel like I can relate to their opinions of books and even their personalities. I can’t wait every week for the new episode and wished they lasted longer than 30 minutes.


New York Times – The Book Review


I am a big fan of the New York Times and their book podcast is executed perfectly each week with a real feel of professionalism. I like how they talk about one book specifically and then move onto the books that are in their charts, both fiction and non-fiction. Each episode is quite long at around 45 minutes to an hour however it is packed with information and flows well so you don’t notice the time passing.


Richard and Judy Book Club Podcast


This one may start showing my age and I have had people laugh at me when I say that I love this book podcast but I can remember coming home from school and watching the Richard and Judy programme with my mum. Every episode they would discuss a new or upcoming book and they always ended up being award winning; I loved their recommendations and therefore still trust their judgement today.

Their podcast episodes are short and sweet, usually around 15-25 minutes at a time. They include a description of a book and usually an excerpt read by the author followed by an interview or discussion. So much is crammed into a short period of time and usually by the end I’m sold, heading to amazon and adding the book either to my cart or wish list.


Not all of my favourite podcasts are about books and I had to include some of my none-bookish podcasts:




This podcast sets the bar high and I am completely addicted. It’s a bi-weekly podcast that talks about spooky true stories. It is so creepy and addresses some well-known stories and some I have never heard of. It gives me the feeling that I don’t want to listen anymore but at the same time I can’t stop. I would listen to it when driving to work and back but sometimes it really scares me which is not great if I’m the only one in, first thing in the morning. When I started listening to Lore there were already twenty episodes but I was so hooked I went back and downloaded all the episodes I missed. I can guarantee if this is your type of podcast you will do the same.




I had no idea what a TED talk was until I started listening to this podcast but I know this is a big thing in the USA. I love the variety and difficult, intriguing topics discussed within 20 minutes or less. The talks given are powerful and each week features a different speaker. One week could be a science topic whilst the next could be feminism and more. Each time I listen to an episode it leaves me reflecting and I feel amazed by the sheer intelligence living in this world.


Well I hope you enjoyed the recommendations, check them out and if you have any podcasts you listen to leave them in the comments.  I’m always looking for more to fill my car journeys.

Happy Listening!


2 thoughts on “My Favourite Bookish Platforms : Podcasts

  1. Zezee says:

    Love this!! cause I’m always looking for podcast recommendations, especially good bookish ones.
    Lore is one my favs and also All the Books.
    I’ll have to give the others you listed here a try.
    If you love to write, Writing Excuses is a great podcast to listen to.

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