Weekend Reads #92

Happy Weekend Readers, This weekend marks the start of a new month and a new TBR list of books. I always look forward to starting a new pile of books and setting myself a challenge to get through so if you’re interested in what books I will be starting this month just check out my … Continue reading Weekend Reads #92

Gossip Girl – Cecily Von Ziegasar

  I have to be honest, I have watched the TV show and I became obsessed. After finishing the six seasons I needed something to fill the void so after hearing about the books I moved this direction. Gossip Girl is about the elite Upper East Side families in New York City, it focuses on … Continue reading Gossip Girl – Cecily Von Ziegasar

Readathon TBR

Hey Readers, So today sparks the start of two readathons which will nicely wrap up my March reads for this month. The books I have chosen fit into both readathons, BorrowAThon and FemPowerAThon. BorrowAThon focuses on reading books borrowed from friends, family or a library so all of the books below are borrowed from Libraries … Continue reading Readathon TBR