Forever – Maggie Stiefvater



I have to be honest I wasn’t too sure where this book was going to go but once I started I just couldn’t stop. Forever is the third book in The Wolves of Mercy Falls series and follows Sam and Grace as they have new challenges to face. Sam is now stable and no longer turning into a wolf, he has his human life and all he needed was Grace but now she is the wolf, unable to stop the ever present attraction to the pack. There is one problem though with being a wolf, a hunt is in talks to wipe out the wolf pack entirely as they are now a danger to the surrounding community, and if that happens Sam will lose his family, Grace and everything he cares about.

This is a fast paced read with action happening around every page; it’s hard to put the book down especially with the threat of the hunt looming. There are so many characters I like in this series so I just wanted to read it in one sitting. The plot focuses around what causes people to turn into wolves and not just being bitten but what exactly causes it in the body. It seems to be temperature dependent but Cole is determined to find out if it is a virus, something in the blood and if it can be stopped. My favourite part of this book was to do with Beck, the year before he had become a wolf permanently, a change that happens after multiple years of changing but to try and help the wolves they have to speak to him and the only way they can do that is to change him into a human.

Since reading the second book in the series I have been particularly interested in Cole and Isabel who are an intriguing pair of characters in the series and not even the protagonists. This book allows the reader to learn more about Sam and Grace whilst also reading about Cole and Isabel’s love-hate relationship. Originally I couldn’t stand Cole’s arrogant and selfish attitude but this book shows his intelligence and true personality. I couldn’t help but enjoy his and Isabel’s chapters more, their relationship feisty and full of excitement.

Forever details the wolves more than any of the other books as you have a first hand perspective from Grace and I found it interesting to see into her thought process, her obedience of the pack Alpha and how she portrayed the world through a wolf’s eyes. There were brief acknowledgements to this with Sam in the first book but it wasn’t as clear that it was his experiences, so this was a really interesting part to read.

Generally I enjoyed this book more than the second in the series; it seemed to have a much more electric plot with shifting, the wolf hunt, deaths, science and relationships. There were acknowledgments of her parents neglectful ways which really bothered me in the first book and their hypocrisy when Grace makes her relationship official with Sam. Not only that but the plot expands on Cole and he’s not seen as the reckless new character but instead the reader gets to see him for who he really is and what he is capable of.

I gave Forever a 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads and felt it was a nice way to tie up the previous two books however it did end abruptly leaving me to wonder if the story continued on in Sinner. I suppose

there’s only one way to find out.


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