Weekend Reads #90


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about reading an easy, fast paced, fun and romantic book but it’s hard to know what to pick up when you don’t know for sure what exactly a book is like unless you’ve read it. I recently found out that the TV series Gossip Girl was based on a series of books and just by luck my local library had the first three available so I picked them up. I originally watched the series not expecting anything too special but before I knew it I was hooked, loving the characters and stuck in an Upper East Side obsession. Lately I have been pining to get back to New York City so hopefully this will curb my Manhattan attraction for another few weeks.

gossip girl


I am going to begin by reading Gossip Girl by Cecily Von Ziegesar and I’m hoping that the TV series and books have the same characters at least, I don’t really know what to expect because I know like most adaptations the plot is loosely based.

you know you love me.jpg


I’m spending this weekend like I have spent my week; relaxing. I want to be well-rested, healthy and ready to take on the world come Monday morning so if I manage to binge-read Gossip Girl I have the second in the series ready to go too, You Know You Love Me.

Well I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.


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