Motivation for the Month

Good Morning Readers,

If you’re anything like me we’re halfway through the month now and you want to knock it out of the park so here’s a little motivation to help you through. Below are two readathons to help get you through the rest of the month and this week as they start today so get the coffee brewing, find your spot on the sofa and settle in with the books.





This is a weeklong readathon that encourages readers to borrow books whether that be from friends, family, libraries, and more. I will be participating in this readathon as I love borrowing books from the library but in eBook form so keep checking back as my readathon TBR will be up soon. If you want to participate head over to their twitter page @BorrowAThon. This readathon has sprints and a great support network to help you through any mammoth TBR. Running until next Sunday 26th March you’ll have plenty of time this week to make a dent in your March reading.






I think the proof is in the pudding with this readathon, as in you have to read books with a strong female character for a week. This readathon is a little trickier as it does have challenges;

·         Read a book with a woman in a position of power

·         Read a book that stars a woman of colour

·         Read a book that stars LGBT + woman

·         Rad a books with a prominent sister relationship

·         Read a book about a woman with a mental illness

·         Read a ‘own-voices’ novel

·         Read a book not set in the western world

·         Read a graphic novel by a woman

 If you want to check out this readathon head over to their twitter page @fempowerathon, it also has support, sprints and book recommendations if you don’t have one in mind for any of the above challenges. Running until Sunday 27th March this readathon will get you looking at the books that may have been a little neglected in the past especially if you want to meet the challenges. So dust off the jackets and get reading.


Well readers, I hope this helps you as much as it helps me; I want to make March a great reading month and finish off this week in style so no better way to do it than along with the motivation of other readers.

Happy Reading!






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