Someday, Someday Maybe – Lauren Graham


Ever since I found out that Lauren Graham had written a book I knew I needed to have it in my life. I am a huge fan of the Gilmore Girls and consequently of Lauren Graham. I found a copy of Someday, Someday Maybe in my library and borrowed it as soon as it was available. I originally thought that this was her biography but when I started reading it I very soon realised that this was a piece of fiction.

Someday, Someday Maybe is about a struggling actress in nineties New York City called Franny Banks. She is constantly going between acting school to auditions trying to land a big job and make a name in the acting profession. Living in Brooklyn with two roommates, one a sci-fi writer and one a film producer, all three are trying to make it in a professional capacity. This plot follows Franny’s relationships, friendships and really highlights the difficulties of becoming an actress in a modern day society when so many people are trying to make it professionally.

The writing in this book really highlighted Lauren Graham’s fun and at times eccentric personality and it was clear that so much of her was captured in Franny’s character. Whilst reading it part of me wondered how much of the book lent itself to biography and personal experiences. From cover to cover this plot was filled with fun and hilarious characters that made Franny’s interactions all the more enjoyable to read as she comes face to face with fellow actors, strange producers and unique agencies.

I tended to fly through this book as it seemed to move at the same pace that Lauren Graham talks and at parts I felt like I was following her thought process within her characters. It’s not an easy book to put down because once you start the first page you want to know how it works out for Franny. As a character I like her, she was hard working when it came to acting and yet with other aspects of her life she was disinterested. It was how she dealt with each new scenario what made the plot fun to read.

It was nice to take a step back in time to the nineties and read excerpts from Franny’s Filofax and her answering machine. I was only a child in the nineties so I just about remember dial-up internet connection but a world without my mobile phone seems strange and in a way peaceful that you couldn’t be contacted at all times of the day. The description of clothes, music and more was such a flashback to a time I recall as a child yet would love to have experienced as an adult any day.

I found myself chuckling out loud whilst reading this book as Lauren Graham’s humour flies off the page just as it does in person. The things her characters were saying or the way Franny thought about something was just parallel to Lauren Graham’s personality and I think that is why I enjoyed this book so much.

When it came to giving this book a mark on Goodreads I tried not to be biased, already loving Lauren Graham’s work elsewhere. Overall I gave Someday, Someday Maybe a 3 out of 5 stars on Goodreads because although I really enjoyed the book I felt there were areas that could have been developed better. However if you are a fan pick this up and give it a go, I’m off now to buy her book Talking as Fast as I Can because I just can’t get enough.


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