Motivation for the Month

Hey readers,

So begins another month of motivation, I always enjoy having something to challenge me or promote reading throughout the month therefore I always try and take part in at least one readathon per month. Below are some of the challenges happening throughout April so if you are interested or want some extra motivation this month just click on the name to check out their main websites.




This is a themed readathon that runs from Monday 3rd April until Sunday 9th April. This month’s theme is classics so if you have any classic novels gathering dust on your shelves this is a great time to crack open the pages and get reading. With 4 moderators this is a twitter based readathon with sprints and challenges throughout the week, plus a great bunch of fellow readers to keep the pace.




This is a themed readathon hosted by Season of Reading running from Monday 17th April – Sunday 23rd April. There is no surprise that this is a horror themed readathon with guidelines stating throughout the week you have to read at least one horror novel which can encompass a thriller, paranormal or mystery. There is one big giveaway at the end of the readathon and readers are encouraged to use social media as they go along using the hashtag #SpringHorrorRAT.


Dewey’s 24hr Readathon


This readathon is exactly what it looks like, 24 hours of reading, sprints, social media sharing and it all takes place on Saturday 29th April. This is always a popular readathon with fellow readers support and encouragement throughout the full reading period. This readathon does contain challenges and prizes too but I suppose the hardest thing is staying up for the full time so I’d recommend keeping the coffee brewing for this one.


A Novel Experience Readathon

 This readathon takes place on Saturday 29th April and Sunday 30th April. There are no set rules or recommended reads but is a good way to finish off any books you might still be reading this month especially if you want to start a fresh pile of books in May. This is hosted over on Goodreads and as a memory of a friend who passed away. The host reads books from her friends TBR but promotes fellow readers to join in, so check it out.


Well I hope this helps you readers in need of a bit of motivation this month.

Happy Reading!


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