Library of Souls – Ransom Riggs

Library Of Souls

This is the final book in the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children series, a series that has sparked many fans since its release in 2011.  Despite it being release over 6 years ago I only picked this book up in the past two years and it wasn’t long before I became addicted to this plot. Already developed into a movie, I hope the rest of the series follows too because this book is action packed and laden with strange and wonderful details that would look amazing on the big screen.

Jacob has developed his powers and discovered a new ability but when his friends are captured he has to harness all his skills to save them. Travelling from London to the depths of Devil’s Acre, a poor and dishevelled area in Peculiardom, Jacob, Emma and Harrison have to work together to save their friends. Meeting interesting characters and strange beings along the way this book is the perfect conclusion to a fantastical series I’m sad to leave behind.

As with the previous two books this one was hard to set down, filled with suspense, death defying acts and unbelievable characters I couldn’t stop with this book. Library of Schools gives a little more insight into the world of Peculiardom and Miss Peregrines family as the reader finds out she had two brothers who shared a peculiar power. Not only that but it’s interesting to see a land in Peculiardom with lots of peculiars and their powers. Although it’s not the nicest place with adult and child slavery it does let the reader peak into another area filled with intrigue and power.

The previous two books seem to focus on Jacob and getting to know the other peculiar children, becoming part of their family whilst this book focuses on Jacob’s power and how he can use it. In the previous books he has been learning how to use his power of seeing Hollows but in Library of Souls he takes it to the next level and really gets in sync with what he is capable of. I really like Jacob’s character and felt throughout the series its in Library of Souls that he really grows up. The other well-known peculiars are in the book but just not as much, which in a way is a little sad but to be honest I didn’t notice it much. There are so many action packed chapters and weird and wonderful settings that distracted me from noticing the lack of presence the others had. I feel the storyline focuses very much on Jacob and Emma in this book and it’s nice to see their relationship blossom through the battle. However I did find it a little strange how little time they have actually spent together in the grand scheme of things to have such a strong relationship.  It seems longer because of how much the characters have achieved with time travel and visiting different settings through the loops.

The ending of this book really took me by surprise and I didn’t expect it to end that way. Without spoiling the book for others and trying to keep details minimalistic I would like to know what happened even after the book ended especially for Jacob. Overall it was a perfect ending to a series I fell head over heels with and I am sad to have finished it. I know there is another book called Tales of the Peculiar by Ransom Riggs so I think I’ll give that ago to ease the book hangover. I gave Library of Souls a 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads and I cannot wait for the movie adaptation. I can already picture how some of the characters will look on the big screen, I just hope it does the plot justice.



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