These Broken Stars – Amie Kaufman

These Broken Stars

I have had this book on my TBR for so long that it is shameful, I eventually got round to reading it at the start of this month that I am now beating myself up for not having read it sooner. These Broken Stars tells the story of Tarver and Lilac who are both from two very different sides of society, Tarver a decorated soldier and Lilac the daughter of the wealthiest man in the Universe. Set in the future, this plot looks at space exploration and life when travel amongst the stars is as common as life on Earth is today.  

When the spaceship they are travelling on starts to slip out of hyperspace they are forced to evacuate, Tarver and Lilac find themselves in an escape pod together that crash lands on a mysterious planet that they don’t recognise. However with foliage and life it must be known to the company that colonises planets in the Universe. As they are both stuck on an unknown planet for an unforeseen number of days they have no option but to work together for survival. With this they start to get to know each other, what their lives are like and how they can tackle the days until their rescue together.

This book is really interesting, not only because it is set in a future where humans easily travel the Universe, colonise planets and more but it is interesting to see two individuals from different social levels stranded on an unknown planet trying to survive. The planet is a strange place with unusual plants, animals and full of mysteries, I could not stop reading as it’s very easy to get hooked on this book in the early pages.

I really liked Tarver’s character as he is strong physically and emotionally yet with military training he knows how to curb his emotions for the sake of the journey ahead. Compared to Lilac I was surprised by her character in this book, she was stronger than she appeared yet the author kept her very realistic in a situation she’s never had to have endured before.

The plot continued to surprise me and the majority of the biggest twists I didn’t foresee, of course I expected both characters to survive the ordeal as this is only the first book in a series but I didn’t expect this to be as challenging as it was. The surrounding land coupled with Tarver and Lilac had me addicted to this book and I read it in a matter of days.

I definitely want to read the next books in this series and I’m hoping to start them in the next few weeks whilst I’m still interested in what the next books will hold. I really hope the rest of the series still focuses on Tarver and Lilac as I can’t wait to see what happens to their relationship.

I gave Across the Universe 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads as it had everything I wanted in this book and more. I really liked the characters, the setting, the societal structure, the technological advances and more. Space travel and exploration is always high up in my preferred reads so I really think this will continue to be a series I enjoy.




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