Lunarbaboon – Christopher Grady


I received this graphic novel as a free copy from NetGalley so I thank it for the opportunity to discover this very talented and funny artist. Lunarbaboon is a hilarious depiction of life as a parent and although I have no children of my own this book made me laugh out loud as I know many parents who would have similar experiences with their children. Also as I work with children on a regular basis  and I felt that Christopher Grady perfectly captures a child’s thoughts and actions.

There were so many instances that made me laugh in this graphic novel from the child’s take on different ideas to how the father dealt with situations. From how the dinosaurs died to being a Star Wars and Star Trek fan this is the modern depiction of parenting. It contains a fair representation of both parents and what it’s like to be a mother and father to an inquisitive and very active young boy. It chronicles different parts of discovery and growing up through the eyes of a parent of their young child and I can sense many autobiographical instances.

The illustrations in this graphic novel are soft and beautiful, perfectly pairing with the dialogue of the plot. This graphic novel doesn’t exactly tell a story as it is more a collection of situations or events that have taken place over the course of a period of time. However the illustrations play a big part in telling the story and giving the storyline some depth. I always enjoy reading graphic novels as they can exhibit more details such as facial expression, emotion and something as simple as what the individuals/characters are wearing or look like.

 I found this graphic novel very easy to read and I finished it in one sitting within half an hour, however it is a lovely read and one I have been thinking about over the past few days. Although it is quick to read it will stay with the reader after it’s completed. As it doesn’t have a strict plot to follow this is even a book that could be picked up and read again from time to time.

I gave this graphic novel a 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads because it was a funny, beautiful and a quick read that perfectly captures what it is like to be a parent. With hard truths and funny excerpts this a book that will leave you laughing along, comparing notes or wanting to have a relationship like this with your own child.


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