Life Stories – David Attenborough

Life Stories - David Attenborough

As soon as I found this audiobook in my local library I knew I had to listen to it. I have admired David Attenborough for most if not all of my life, he is a fascinating man and has seen and brought so many wonders to the houses of people across the world. I have watched all of his shows, followed his projects and put down almost all of my general knowledge of the animal kingdom to him.

Life Stories discusses an array of different animals and their unique qualities from the lesser-toed Sloth to Giant Birds to Dinosaurs and the extinct Dodo. The opening had me gripped as he asks the question ‘if you could choose any animal on the planet to be, what would you choose?’ Going on to choose the Sloth it is interesting to hear his reasons and learn more about some of the less well-known animals that live on this planet.

Travelling the world this audiobook takes its listeners to rainforests, deserts, and plains to explore and meet the native animals that live there. I particularly enjoyed how David Attenborough entwines each section with a personal aspect, his travels there and experiences finding the animals or fossils. Having done this for over 60 years, there is no doubt that he has a large catalogue of stories and experiences so my only criticism is that Life Stories is not long enough. Although if I am right this is only an accompaniment with the BBC Radio 4 series.

David Attenborough’s voice is beyond perfect for audio as he has an intriguing and addictive voice that is charming and easy to listen to. I have always said to my closest friends and family how I would happily sit down and listen to him talking all day because he is by far the most interesting person to have walked the Earth.

I gave this audiobook a 5 out of 5 stars, it was exactly what I expected it to be and more. I enjoyed hearing David Attenborough’s voice in audiobook form as I am a fan of his TV appearances and even the accompanying books from some of his series. This is a new medium to enjoy his discoveries and I could not stop listening to the small snippets of different animals around the globe. A great read and definitely one to check out if you are an Attenborough fan…then again how could you not be.


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