Daily Reads #112



Happy Monday Readers,

Out of the two weeks of Easter this is the most manic of them all, everybody is off work and trying to make the most of their day. Working in a tourist attraction I am not off work so I will no doubt be running around like a crazy person and counting down the hours until I can get home.

This week I started The Girls by Emma Cline which touches the edges of historical fiction as it is based on Charles Manson and his cult in the late 60’s. It explores the girls who follow him and looks at their life. I am really interested in this book but as it gets closer to the inevitable ending I don’t know what to expect. With this in mind I want to read something more young adult and fantasy so I am turning to Sarah J Maas and A Court of Thorns and Roses.


I have read the first in Throne of Glass series but because of my book buying ban I can’t buy the others to carry on the series. At least with this one I received the first two books at Christmas so I know if I like this book I can continue on with the series. I don’t know a lot about this series and I want to leave it as a surprise but a friend has told me a little bit about it and it sounds so good. I can’t remember if she said it had magic but I do remember her talking about a witch and saying how she loved her character so I can’t wait to get into this story.

So readers enjoy your Monday whatever you have planned, I will no doubt be spending my evening in a hot bath trying to was away the madness that was today.




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