You Know You Love Me – Cecily Von Ziegesar 

you know you love me


I started reading the Gossip Girl series a few weeks back and I am hooked, I was obsessed with the TV series and couldn’t be more excited to find there was an original book series that spans lots of books. You Know You Love Me is the second book in the series and the trademark Gossip Girl phrase.
This book focuses on the growth of Serena and Dan’s relationship, the cracks that appear in Blair and Nate’s and the build up to the Cyrus and Eleanor Waldorf’s big day. It is fast paced, fun and very easy to read. This book could easily have been read completely in one sitting at just over 150 pages on the Ebook version. I find these books very quickly to get through however I think this is to do with the fact I am invested in the series already from being a fan of the popular TV show.

I also really like the characters and the teenage drama set in New York City, it’s not like every other Young Adult novel as it focuses on the wealthy Upper East Side teenagers, their relationships with friends, school, family and now colleges. However where there is wealth there are endless possibilities and what many of these kids are capable of and their inflated sense of self-worth keep me hooked.

I have noticed that one of my favourite characters from the TV show doesn’t have a huge part in the books and that’s Chuck Bass. However I do know that he gained a lot more traction in the TV adaptation than in the novels and from that he became a major character. In saying that though I have only read the first two books so his character could have a bigger role further down the line.

I am really looking forward to continuing in this series and I would highly recommend it for anyone that enjoyed the TV show. There are some differences but no major changes so far, in a sense it does keep your attention because it’s the same characters in slightly altered scenarios and not necessarily identical to the main plot twists on the screen.

My only issue so far is that some of the characters are a little different to their on-screen presence and for example I have been finding Dan a little irritating, however his feelings for Serena are very intense in the book and he comes across as suffocating. Then it got me thinking if he was like this in the show and it just wasn’t portrayed as full-on leaving the viewer to make their mind up. Either way I can’t stop reading and I can definitely say I am addicted.

I gave You Know You Love Me a 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads and I will be picking up the next book over the next few days…I already can’t wait to see what’s to come in this instalment.


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