Daily Reads #115


Happy Monday Readers,

Someone pass the coffee because I am feeling sleepy, it’s also the first day of the Bout of Books #19 reading challenge and I am ready to tackle my TBR for this month. First book on my list is Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins and I have read a lot of mixed reviews about this book but I can’t help it I desperately want to read this book. The cover alone is pulling me in with it’s gorgeous colour and design.

Rebel Belle

Harper Price, a southern belle and a popular girl destined for a crown at her high school dance has a strange experience that turns her into a powerful guardian. All of a sudden she is back flipping, wielding weapons and protecting the one boy in school she hates. It isn’t long though until she starts to develop feelings for him and his fate is leading him to a world destroying possibility.

I really like the sounds of this book, it has the textbook, “teenager gets powers while still trying to be a teenager” feel and who doesn’t love that?! I can’t wait to sit down and get started reading this book although I am a little hesitant as I have read many reviews that say the books to follow don’t have the same strength as the first. Nonetheless I can’t wait to start this and see what lies ahead.

Have a good week!


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