Nineveh – Henrietta Rose Innes



After hearing so much about this book I knew I needed to read it, it dominated a lot of my book related podcasts and kept popping up everywhere. Ninevah looks at the life of Katya Grubbs, a pest-relocater compared to her father who is an exterminator. Her unusual methods get her noticed and she is approached by a wealthy developer whose newest project remains uninhabited due to a mysterious bug infestation. Whilst battling bugs Katya’s own past comes back to haunt her and she finds herself battling more creepy crawlies than expected.

I really enjoyed this book and it’s connection to South Africa, a place I have never been to before but find very intriguing given its history. I haven’t read many books set around the world so it was nice to read a setting in Cape Town. Katya Grubbs is an interesting character, I loved her ethic of not killing bugs but instead relocating them, as someone who is very anti-cruelty in all aspects this book really spoke to me. In some ways I found her a little annoying, she has scars from the past that I feels she still harbours like a neglectful relationship with her father. Her sister lives in a family orientated home whilst Katya’s home is falling apart around her due to construction in her area. Due to the work at Ninevah, the development she is working on, Katya has to stay on site and it’s living there she starts to reconnect with her past, address her pains and start forming a safe and secure life for herself.

The writing in this book is poetically descriptive, beautiful and paints a vivid and colourful picture of South Africa and the different living spaces in it. This book strongly focuses on Katya yet the author builds in and intertwines side stories that construct a bigger and more complex plot. I was really surprised at the size of this book because there is so much to the plot and yet it fits into less than 300 pages.

I started this book a long time ago and really enjoyed it yet commitments and my overpowering addiction to start new books forced me to set this down from time to time. I did find that when I was reading this book it was easy to follow and I didn’t want to put it down. However it didn’t have the same draw for me as most books do and sadly I found it a little easier to walk away from.

I gave Ninevah a 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads because it is such a unique and beautifully written book. I loved the setting, the characters and the storyline intertwined with bugs and creepy crawlies. I would definitely recommend this book and from it I want to check out more pieces of work from this author, if anyone has any recommendations please leave them in the comments below.



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