Anna and the French Kiss – Stephanie Perkins



This book deserved some attention as it has been sitting on my bookshelf for at least 3 years now untouched, as soon as I finished reading it I have never regretted not having picked up a book sooner. It was a sweet, romantic, young adult read that I could have finished in one sitting, the plot was exactly what I needed and I really enjoyed reading it.

Anna and the French Kiss is about a young American girl whose father sends her to Paris to finish her final year of school. She attends the American School so her classmates all speak English but with it being her final year she has some catching up to do in the French language not to mention a lesson in independence in a new city. She makes friends with the girl, Meredith in the dorm next door and immediately is drawn into her friend circle. It isn’t long before she meets St Clair, the half English, half French charming boy that grabs her attention and so sparks her Paris adventure.

I love Paris, the romance, the architecture, the city itself is charming and this book really spoke to me. I loved the little touches of classic film and the handsome and troubled character that was St Clair. Anna is a funny character who enjoyed her life in Atlanta, her adorable brother, her best friend and she just sparked chemistry with a boy she likes and all of a sudden her life is turned upside down and she is living in Europe. I found her character realistic and likeable, she was feisty and strong and a perfect parallel to a teenager whose heart is captured by an almost impossible boy.

This could be the most clichéd plot I have ever read but I can’t describe how much I loved it. It’s set in Paris with a handsome boy who is British, attending an American school, with a French name and an addictive presence.  I really enjoyed how Anna and St Clair’s relationship developed throughout the book, the reader can follow each twist and turn and pinpoint the parts they start to have feelings for each other. The romance dominates this plot but not in a bad way and as it develops the characters are growing and learning, in a sense it is a story about coming of age as well.

I gave Anna and the French Kiss a 4 out of 5 on Goodreads and I will be adding more books by Stephanie Perkins to my wish list. This book was captivating and charming and I cannot recommend it more, it perfectly sums up the genre of young adult and for me, hits all the markers on what a reader wants. Funny, romantic and a wonderful adventure through the streets of Paris, if you haven’t already pick up this book.


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