Weekend Reads #99



Happy Friday Readers,

I am having a fantastic weekend already, off work and cruising down the motorway for a few days away. We are literally staying in a cabin in the woods…not that I have ever read any stories or seen any movies like this. If I’m honest I am very excited about the break and spending some time with great people despite what my brain is thinking about a cabin in the woods. Secretly I am hoping to get a bit of time to read this weekend because I am imagining it will be awesome especially if I get some time out in the sun, however chances of sun when you want it are slim.

Half Bad

Over the next few days if I get the chance I want to start reading Half Bad by Sally Green. This is a book that has been on my shelves for some time now so it definitely deserves some attention. I am so intrigued by the plot; Nathan is imprisoned in a cage because he is the son of the most powerful witch. Set in a modern day England where two factions of witches live amongst humans, this book can only be good. I can’t wait to get started on this book and see what way the plot is set, do humans know about the witches, is there interaction, I have so many questions and I cannot wait to find out the answers.

I hope you all have a brilliant weekend!


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