Daily Reads #117


Happy Monday Readers,

I’m having a long weekend this week and taking today off work which means I can catch up on sleep and of course…read! I have no shortage of books this month and with just over a week of May left I have to catch up on my reading pile. As well as finishing off the books I am reading at the minute I am going to be starting What Light by Jay Asher. I know this isn’t exactly a Spring/Summer book but I have read a few Jay Asher books over the past few weeks and I am in the mood for a light-hearted and easy read just like his style.


What Light


What Light is about Sierra whose family owns a Christmas tree farm in Oregon but every year around the holidays they pack up and head to California to sell their trees. Every year at this time Sierra struggles to leave her life in Oregon behind for California, but this time she meets Caleb and despite having his own demons to battle Sierra sees past them and instead sees him. A true love story and just what I need after a busy weekend away. So I’m off to boil the kettle and settle in with a cup of tea and a good book.


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