Daily Reads #118



Happy Monday Readers,

I suppose I have some explaining to do as I haven’t updated this blog in months however I have had the busiest few months of my life. Originally I was taking a break because I was moving house and well packing up and decorating are the bane of my life not to mention time consuming. However that led to a trip to London, a busy work life, a new job and more travelling, it’s been hard to keep my head above water. With the Christmas season upon I thought it might be a nice time to make a comeback and take some time to write again. I have still been reading amongst all of this which you will have seen if you’ve been following my Goodreads account. With that in mind I am hoping to get some reviews up this week with some of my favourite reads this past while but first in true ‘Daily Reads’ fashion let’s have a look at the books I am hoping to delve into this week.

Rebel Belle


So back in June when I was moving house I started a TBR pile and even started reading a few books, then in true moving style I packed the books into a box and didn’t remember which one it was. I have finally found the box and I am determined to read these books once and for all. Below are two of the books I am hoping to finish this week as I have started them in my defence but depending on how much I remember I may need to reread the start but that’s never a bad thing.

These are probably two of the strangest books I have read together, Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins being a high school set, young adult book with a feisty female protagonist and Conclave by Robert Harris set in the Vatican considering a conspiracy around the election of a new Pope. See what I mean by strange?

Any way I am very excited to get reading these two properly and finally giving them the time they deserve. I am also suffering badly with a cold and cough so I think these will provide just the distraction I need to get over my stuffy nose.

So readers I hope you are happy to see the return of Daily Reads, of course this means Weekend Reads will return on Friday and a few reviews along the way.

Happy reading,


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