Weekend Reads #100


Hey Readers,

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend, we got snow today and it is just so beautiful. I wanna drag my seat over to the window so I can read a book while looking at the snow coming down. The whole street looks magical and peaceful; somehow the snow has put a fresh perspective on everything for me whilst also getting me into the Christmas spirit. I have built a snowman, made shortbread and played in the snow with the dog, I have had a fantastic start to the weekend already and it’s only Friday.

Although I have plans this weekend and my reading time is drastically cut down I am hoping to start reading The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman. I have seen lots of people posting about this book on Instagram and blogging about it too and I was actually surprised.

The Rules of Magic

I love Practical Magic the movie and it wasn’t that long ago that I found out it was a book, of course I had to read it. Now the book is different, not in a bad way but almost like the book and the movie exist as two separate identities but with the same characters. Either way when I heard there was to be another book I had to have it.

From what I gather from the blurb it’s more of a prequel as it is set around the Aunts rather than Sally and Gillian however I am very excited to pour a hot cup of tea and read this with the perfect snowy setting. Practical Magic is by far one of, if not my favourite movie so anything to do with the characters and their world I have to read it.

I hope you all have a great weekend and maybe you’ll get some snow too, fingers crossed for a white Christmas.



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