Daily Reads #119


Happy Monday Readers,

What a weekend and I’m still in love with the snow, perfect weather for winter reading and finishing my Goodreads Reading Challenge. I am 3 books away from completing the challenge for this year of reading 80 books so I am hoping I will be able to achieve that before the end of the year. I’m also thinking about my reading challenge for next year too and I’m wondering whether to be super ambitious and try and read 100 books or keep it around 80 like this year. What are you guys thinking when it comes to your reading challenges?

The Girl on the Train

Last week was a good reading week for me but the closer we get to Christmas the more I want to read especially in the cosy weather, what better excuse is there to curl up on the sofa with a mug of tea, blanket and a book. This week I want to start reading The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, I had it on my TBR and it’s still marked as ‘currently reading’ on my Goodreads page however it’s a book I started a few months ago before moving house and I didn’t get finishing it. I want to dedicate time to this book because it has quite a big following. I have a feeling it will be one of those books that you start and can’t put down, exactly what I need now.

Well readers, that’s my week planned out as I’m still reading The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman. Keep checking back for reviews and don’t forget Weekend Reads #101 on Friday.

Happy Reading!


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