Weekend Reads #101

Happy Weekend Readers, its CHRISTMAS WEEKEND!!
I am very excited that today marks the start of the Christmas weekend; I am prepared for chocolates, Christmas movies, book and pyjamas. I need this weekend to relax and get consumed by the festive holiday with my family. However I have a problem…I don’t know what to read, I feel torn apart as its Christmas maybe I should read a Christmas novel but all the books I am reading at the moment are mysteries, biographies, young adult novels. Should I squeeze in a Christmas novel??

A Christmas Carol
Every year I usually always read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens but this year I haven’t been feeling the same, I’ve been working and redecorating the house so I feel like I’ve been pulled in every direction except Christmas so this weekend has a lot of pressure on it.

Carve the Mark
Despite having a huge TBR and currently reading list I was really in the mood to start a new book over the last few days so I picked up Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth. I think it will be a quick read because I’m flying through it, I’m currently undecided on it but I’m hoping it develops into a great read. I’ve also heard some great things about this book so fingers crossed, and who knows I might finish this and pick up a Christmas read too.
I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas; I can’t wait to see all of your Christmas hauls and pictures.
Merry Christmas!


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