Daily Reads #121


Happy Monday Readers,

Well my weekend was a little different than expected; I ended up on a boat on Sunday to Liverpool with my cousin who is at University there. Anyway an 8 hour boat later and I’m currently writing to you from the other side of the Irish Sea. I’m sure you can imagine an 8 hour boat leaves plenty of time for reading which is exactly what I spent my time doing along with lots of work but it turns out being locked in a cabin for hours on end plus a café at the end of the hall makes for great motivation.

I hope your January is going well so far, already mine has been quite good with lots of reading involved, I have also got my travel plans in order for the end of the year and this spontaneous trip to England seems to have kick started it. Of course with the unexpected trip I have managed to start some books on my TBR that I had saved for later in the month but it works in my favour.

This week I am hoping to finish off Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, of course I have read this before but I have an urge to do a Harry Potter re-read this year. In my ‘Hello 2018’ post you’ll be able to check out the different books and series I am hoping to tackle this year as well as the total for my Goodreads Reading Challenge. The Harry Potter series is definitely on that list as I haven’t read it in a few years now but the movies were on over the Christmas period and it got me picking these books of my shelves and dusting off the jackets. I have started reading the first book and already I’m wondering why I left it so long, the writing is fantastic and I’m falling in love with the characters all over again. I really hope J.K. Rowling continues with the Fantastic Beasts series because I can’t lose this world and all of it’s magic.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone


If I have the chance and I have a feeling I will I am hoping to turn to The Dazzling Heights by Katherine McGee. This is the sequel The Thousandth Floor, a book I read last year and fell in love with. It is a futuristic Gossip Girl with the elite class living in an unbelievably tall building in New York City. This building divides the social classes, being so big it holds hotels, apartments, parks and shopping centres, it has everything a person would need for daily life but only the wealthiest of tenants can really benefit from its facilities.


The Thousandth Floor follows the lives of a group of wealthy teenagers and their scandals not to mention what happens when the social divides start to fall. I really loved the first book but it ended on a cliff-hanger and I suffered a major book hangover afterwards desperately wanting to know what happened next so I am very excited to pick this book up in the coming days.

Happy Reading,


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