Daily Reads #122


Happy Monday Readers!

So I have been doing a lot of thinking and trying to get my work-life balance just right and do you know what it is hard. Working from home is harder than I thought, for example right now I am sitting trying to type this blog post and I have a cat trying to sit on the keyboard and a dog that has currently brought me two balls and a bone whilst giving me the puppy dog eyes to throw something. With that in mind I nearly threw my coffee cup across the floor earlier and have already thrown two pens and a ruler without thinking. If anyone has any tips on how to resolve this is would be great, I get most of my work done in the morning but then I have the guilt if I sit down in the afternoon, there’s only so much I can do in one day.

Whilst I try to get the balance just right this year I am also trying to read like a champion, so far I am making my way through the Harry Potter series again and I have already read the Philosopher’s Stone and the Chamber of Secrets. This week I am hoping to start the Prisoner of Azkaban, it hasn’t taken me long to read the first two books so I’m hoping to finish it this week as well.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.jpg

I’m also reading The Dazzling Heights by Katherine McGee and I want to start reading Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild. I know Ballet Shoes is for a much younger audience but I have wanted to read it ever since I first saw Sleepless in Seattle. Also I think I have seen a movie called Ballet Shoes and I am intrigued to see if it is in anyway based on the book.

Ballet Shoes .jpg

Next weekend, 26th and 27th of January marks the start of the 24in48 readathon which I’m hoping to do too. I haven’t decided if I want to read in two 12 hour sessions or split it up even more but either way I want to set myself up to read all weekend and take that time to turn my  phone and just focus on my reading. Over the week I want to set up my study for the readathon and get my TBR sorted, I can’t decide whether to start reading the Twilight series or continues binge-reading Harry Potter.

Gossip Girl

Then I also bought the Gossip Girl series second-hand over the Christmas holidays so I would love to continue with that series during the readathon. You can see my problem… so for the next two weeks I will be compiling my TBR for the readathon even though right now it looks like my TBR will be ceiling high and most like be my pile to read for the next year.

Well readers, have a great week.


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