They Both Die at the End – Adam Silvera

They Both Die at the End

Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio are called after midnight on the 5th September by Death-Cast, a company that informs individuals they are going to die. Mateo and Rufus don’t know how they will die or when, all they know is that it will take place on that day. Both boys are looking to make a new friend before they die and head onto the Last Friend app where they meet. They get together for their final day and head out together to have one last adventure.

I really liked this plot and found the idea interesting but half way into the story it became a tad unbelievable and some aspects I was a bit disappointed with. There is no explanation as to how Death Cast knows when people will die and I would love to know how Adam Silvera pictured it. I also found that although Mateo and Rufus are going around town and visiting Mateo’s dad in a coma, riding bikes, skydiving and more that it was all a bit slow. For me it was also a little strange that their relationship developed within minutes of talking on an app. I understand they are dying and don’t have much time but to meet someone on an app and then commit your entire last day to them seems a bit unusual. Also how did they not think or ponder the idea that the stranger they were about to meet is actually the cause of their death but instead headed out the door and met up.

So I know this all seems a little harsh given the fact that the book is fictional and therefore has an unbelievable quality but this book started so well and then dragged for a bit and then ended sad which we all knew was coming because the title of the book is a big hint. However I just didn’t enjoy the plot, I didn’t find Mateo and Rufus’s relationship believable and I hate to say it but I didn’t like Mateo’s character, he seemed boring yet I understand the point of the plot is that Rufus is exciting and his opposite. Sadly the best way I can explain this book is…forgettable.

Now I can redeem this review because I hate writing badly about a book but I have heard good things about Adam Silvera’s writing and I have to agree. I feel like this book was well written despite the fact it could have been better. I had no emotional connection to the characters and although I wasn’t shocked at the ending, I also wasn’t sad in the way I expected.  

I gave They Both Die at the End a 3 out of 5 stars on Goodreads because I liked the premise of the story and some of the characters. I just believe that the plot could have been better and I would have liked to know more about Death Cast. Also on a side note one of the characters mentioned a short story she had been working on called Life Cast and I would like to read more about that. This book had so much potential and I truly feel it wasn’t exploited enough. 


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