Daily Reads #123


Hi Readers!!

Happy Monday, I hope you are having a motivated start to the week, I am at least trying to and getting a head start on some blog posts this week. Turns out some of my posts haven’t been uploading such as my 24in48 Readathon post or my weekly posts. I think it is my internet connection which we are trying to get fixed so hopefully that will be up and running again soon.

This week I am hoping to finish up some of my current reads but I am travelling quite a bit with work this weekend so I don’t know how much time I will have to dedicate to my reading pile….already that last sentence is making me sad.

I am halfway through 4 books at the minute;


Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard



The Dazzling Heights – Kathrine McGee



Ballet Shoes – Noel Streatfeild

Ballet Shoes


I Like It Like That -Cecily Von Ziegesar

I like it like that


I’m hoping by the end of the week to have finished up 2 books on my currently reading list because I already have 2 more books lined up that I want to read this month. I’m hoping to knock my reading challenge out of the park at the start of the year so I’m trying to set aside reading time. Also because I started a new job I’m working from home and I find it difficult to stop working and start relaxing so scheduled reading time has already helped me up my reading time each week. Fingers crossed even with travelling this week I can spend some time with my books.

Happy Reading!


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