Daily Reads #127


Hey Readers,

So it’s a little late in the week for Daily Reads but its better late than never. I am hoping to read a lot this week and keep in with my personal goal of reading 10 books a month so not only do I reach my Goodreads Reading Challenge but I keep ahead of it.

The Belles

As always I am reading a few books at a time but one book I want to focus on this week is The Belles by Dhoneille Clayton. I heard so much about this book before it was released and knew I wanted to read it. The premise of the book was unusual and seemed to tick that other-wordly and mythical genre. I have already read the first few chapters but I’m really interested to see where it goes, however I don’t know if this book is a stand-alone or will develop into a series.

Shatter Me

I’m also halfway through Shatter Me by Taherah Mafi and if you have read my previous posts you’ll know I have had this series on my shelf for a long time. With the hype around the latest books release I wanted to pick up this series and give it the attention it deserves. So I am hoping to finish it up too.

The Darkest Minds

I am currently reading a few books but that doesn’t stop me picking up my next anticipated read. I just read this morning that the trailer is being released for The Darkest Minds, a book that again has been neglected on my shelf. Therefore I am hoping to start it this week or over the weekend. Many people have been talking about how good it is and discussing how the actresses/actors fit the role and don’t, so I want to see what the hype is about.

Well I have a busy week ahead of me and a long reading list so until next time readers.


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