Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard


I heard a lot about this book and two friends recommended it so I knew I had to pick it up. Luckily I got it at Christmas time as a present and was excited to read it. I didn’t know what to expect with this book and looked forward to the mystery but nothing could have prepared me for the strange world in this novel.

Divided by blood the population in this novel are one or the other. The red blooded individuals are common whilst the silver blooded individuals are elite, not only does their blood run a different colour but they possess powers; a range of abilities such as igniting fire and controlling water. From the Stilts, seventeen year old Mare Barrow experiences a new world working in the Palace. Not only is this way of life unusual to her as a Red blood but she is inferior to those around her and seen as nothing but a servant. Whilst in the palace, she is pushed to her limits only to discover that she possesses a power of her own and given the chance to harness it she works from inside the palace to help a resistance group for the red blooded population. Surrounded by silver bloods she starts to understand the risk she is taking and that the people around her aren’t always what they seem.

Despite being over 300 pages this book is fast paced and easy to read. I think I read the entire book in a matter of days because of the action-packed pages and addictive plotline. From the first few pages you are introduced to a society that mirrors our own, a clean divide between the wealthy and the poor. However this book channels the idea that those in inferior positions possess powers if only given the chance to explore them. Of course not everyone is supportive of the idea and a cloud of mystery surrounds Mare and her powers however adds tension and suspense to the plot as some individuals become suspicious of her presence.

With Mare leading the way with her buried powers shining to the surface, she begins training in the court only to realise that her powers could be stronger and harder to control than the silver bloods. This book not only follows her learning and growth but with romance, family relationships and societal divides this plot is full of action and adventure.

Sadly I don’t own the rest of this series and I have to wait until my birthday before I get new books so it’ll be a long wait until August. I gave Red Queen a 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads which it definitely deserved but I really want to continue the story because not only was the plot addictive but it ended in a cliff-hanger. You’ve been warned, set aside a few days for this book and let’s hope August comes quick so I can binge the rest of the series!


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